Satyrdays: Beach Boys

Another Satyrday at Bacchus! Indulge with $4 well drinks until 8PM and $6 Jack Daniels (all flavors) all day and all night. The best service in Waikiki awaits. Booze. Music. Food. Fun. No cover, ever!

Satyrs are creatures of the wild, part man and part beast, who in Classical times were closely associated with the god Bacchus.

As promised last week, below is our first reader-submitted Satyr story.

Leo walked the length of the nude beach, put down his backpack and towel, stripped down and walked toward the water feeling free and for the first time that day felt relaxed.

The water was cold at first, the instant the water touched his balls was the worst part! But then his body became accustomed to the temperature and he was at peace with the world. He closed his eyes and dove in savoring the coolness on his body. He paddled around for a while, sometimes standing waist deep tracing the shore with his eyes to see if he had missed any good lookers on his arrival. There were two or three.

He walked back to his spot and grabbed a towel to dry off. He laid back with a sigh of relief, rested his head on his backpack; he stretched out his legs. His eyes closed and he was in heaven with the sun beaming down over his body. He dozed off and when he awoke the sun was not as hot as it was before, it was glowing bright orange over the horizon. He looked down and noticed a few ants had gathered around his belly button and chest and some were darting across his legs. He stood up to dust them off with his towel.

He quickly packed up and moved along, he set up closer to a guy that greeted him with a smile. “Ants!” Leo said. The other man smiled again and said, “Yeah! I had to move also, I should have told you about the ants.”

“That’s ok,” Leo replied.

The two began to make small talk, asking if they came here often. Yes Leo does, but this is the first time he’d come here this late. “What about you?“ Leo asked.

This is only my third time,” he answered. “I’m Eddie.”

Eddie asked Leo if he could come a little closer, as he was having trouble hearing Leo. Leo moved closer not realizing that Eddie had ulterior motives.

They chatted for a while about their jobs, where they lived, etc. Then the conversation turned to nudity, nude beaches then sex. As they talked Leo found himself looking at Eddie’s thick, muscular, hairy legs. The more they talked the more intensely Leo focused on those legs. Leo felt his body start to get excited and tried to hide it quickly by lying face down. Eddie just kept on chatting without letting on that he saw Leo’s excitement.

After ten minutes or so Leo sat up, all the while trying not to look Eddie in the eyes. Eddie stood up and stretched before kneeling on one knee beside Leo. With a wink and a nod, they both ‘acknowledged their interest’ and they leaned in to kiss each other...and started in on some beastly activity…

They spent the afternoon together. Evening, too. :-)

Come spend the afternoon  and/or evening with us at Bacchus!

Satyrs were historically first represented as uncouth men, each with a horse’s tail and ears and an erect phallus. In art Satyrs are depicted in company with nymphs or Maenads whom they pursued.

We recently saw a trivial character of a Maenad (in the form of Maryanne Forrester) in season 2 of True Blood. She stirred the town up into a sexual frenzy. Alas, it didn’t end too well for her.