Shirts Off!

With several storms passing through the islands recently, we’re left with a few muggy days. No tradewinds to cool us off under the hot sun. Last night with DJ Takai’s music and the energy of a Satyrday Night, got many steamed up....and while a delicious bloody mary today at air conditioned Bacchus is the solution to this dilemma, we offer up another (to men):

Take Off Your Shirt!

At this very moment and all around the world, men with shirts off and camera phones in hand are positioned in front of mirrors in bathrooms, bedrooms and in locker rooms. In a trial-and-error and performative process, they’ll pivot this way and that, testing out which expressions and poses best signify their power and/or attractiveness.

There are all sorts of options to attend to: attitude, stance, wardrobe, styling, and propping. The motivations that drive these images are varied: there’s curiosity, vanity, and enticement, to name a few. And while they may be made primarily for self-scrutiny, they are often produced with specific viewers in mind. Trivia buffs would love to know that a recent consumer survey of 30 countries concluded that Venezuelans, men and women alike, are the most vain people in the world! Ay yi yi!

Here in Hawaii, most every day, many bare chested men (usually young) can be seen on the beach, streets and even in commercial places like shops and supermarkets.

What's the point of going out not wearing a shirt? Well, there are many reasons. First of all, the comfortable sensation that this practice can give you: feeling the sun and heat directly on your skin, besides being free of sweat stains and wet, clinging clothes.

Psychological grounds are very important too: showing a fit body is a status symbol, and that explains why, currently men are working out more and becoming more attractive and continually improving their look.

However, it's not necessary to be a body builder and have a "surfer's look" to enjoy the pleasures of shirtlessness. The main condition to do this is self-esteem and accepting yourself just as you are.

Shirtlessness means freedom and masculinity, and Bacchus strongly recommends that every man should come to the bar shirtless on hot and muggy days.

See you soon! Don’t miss Trivia Night tomorrow at 7PM. Anyone can win!