Ask Bacchus: Someone In The Crowd

Enjoy $3 draft beer from noon until 2AM every Tuesday at Bacchus. If you’re not a beer drinker, then take advantage of our $4 well cocktail happy hour from noon until 8PM. Bring your friends or chat up the bartender.... or perhaps you’ll see someone in the crowd...

Heading solo to a gay bar can be intimidating to most. Whether you're on a work trip to Honolulu, got a craving for a pint of Blue Moon, or are in the mood to go out, but none of your friends are handy, there are plenty of reasons why you might come to Bacchus alone.

Automatically, we think all eyes are on us and we're getting the stuffing judged out of us. Or so we think. It's not even a little bit true. It’s time to shake off those insecurities and self-conscious feels and just come get that craft beer.

Here are a few hints to make it easier:

Dress comfortably. When you’re comfortable, you’re confident. So if you're about to go to a bar alone and aren't the most confident in that decision, make sure to primp yourself into feeling your very best.

Think happy. If you walk into the bar feeling apprehensive and 100% certain the night is going to be a flop, then that’s the way it’s going to go. Instead, prior to arriving at the bar get yourself happy about being alone. Take a long bath or eat a piece of tasty chocolate - whatever brings you bliss.

Pick the right location. If you're feeling intimidated, then you probably shouldn't roll up to a place that drips with attitude. If you like craft cocktails and men who talk about the latest set of dead lifts, then by all means, go to that. But…

…if you want something on a more “comfortable level,” choose Bacchus: a cozy, friendly, relaxing vibe place, filled with people you could potentially find interesting and click with.

Introduce yourself. Obviously the whole point of going to a bar isn't just to meet people, but if at some point and time you'd like to chat with someone but don't know where to start, let the Bacchus bartender know. All you need is to start with an ice breaker that's relevant to your location so it doesn't feel to pick-up-y. The best opening line is, “Hi, my name is…” followed by:

“What kind of beer do you think I should get? Which one are you drinking?”

You’re in. If they’re in a friendly mood they’ll pick up the threads of the conversation, and you have yourself your first friend. It’s all uphill from there.

Come to Bacchus today for brews, music, food and fun!

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