Bros, Buddies, Fellas, Pals and Dudes

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Who else but a bosom buddy will sit down and level (and give you the devil)…will sit down and tell you the truth!

A study last year explored the terms we use when referring to our friends. Apparently, depending on where you live, you are likely to use a unique term for your bros, buddies, fellas, pals and dudes... Here in Hawaii, the locals use brah.... but where do they most prominently use those other terms?

Dude may be just one of many options the English language has for men to refer to their male BFFs. However, its fight for the hearts and minds of American men is not over. In certain parts of the country, bros, buddies, pals and fellas are firmly standing their ground.

They may not be everywhere, but dudes are spread out across the nation both in numbers and regions like no other. Dudes rule coastal and southern California, but are surprisingly absent from the East Coast, where they originated.

TX, LA, AR, OK, KS, NM are the states where men mostly use the term bro for their bestie. As an abbreviation of brother, the term bro predates the colloquialism of the surf culture one would instinctively associate it with – unless the Elizabethans were already catching waves back in the 1600s, when its trivial first use is attested.

If you call your bro a buddy, you're most likely a Minnesotan, an Iowan or an Ohioan. Quite possibly a Kansan, an Arkansan or a West Virginian. And more than maybe a North Dakotan, a Nebraskan or a Kentuckian. Far out west in Montana, a lost tribe of Buddies is clinging to the Canadian border.

Mississippi is the home of the fella, with significant spillover into Alabama, Louisiana and Arkansas. A smaller core of fella-ship is found in southeastern Indiana, leaking into Ohio and Kentucky. The last major concentration of fellas is found in a band cutting across Nebraska into Ohio. Cut off from the major centers of their preferred denomination, a small group of fellas straddles the Montana-North Dakota border.

Men call other men pals in most of North Dakota and Minnesota, and contiguous bits of South Dakota, Wisconsin and Michigan's Upper Peninsula. And almost nowhere else, except for two remarkable places: an island of pals centered on eastern Kentucky, and a toehold in southwestern Utah. There also seems to be a relatively high frequency of pals in and around New York City.

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