Coming Out On Top!

Mondays mean $3 Margaritas at Bacchus, and at 7PM, Trivia Night is back!

Here’s what the folks are saying:

“The best thing about Bacchus Trivia is that any team can win! Every competition has a different theme, but the net is cast wide and questions range from focused to super-general.”

What’s Bacchus Trivia like? Click here for a recap of the last go-round. Tonight’s theme is Foursomes.


4somes ;-)

C’mon, you’ve got this!

How to win? Performance is better than achievement! (Just like it should be for your sex life!)

‘Achieve’ comes from a trivial old French word meaning 'bring to a head.' And that’s exactly what overachievers do: they bring things to a head. Sometimes it’s pretty to watch, sometimes not, but one way or another, they’re going to Get. It. Done. Whatever the cost.

‘Perform,’ although it also originates from a French word, is something else entirely. It means in essence to complete something through alteration. The art of performance is not just to bring something to a head (achievement), but to complete it, to make it whole, to transform it for the better.

There’s a delicate balance!

To perform best at trivia, compose a team of players with a breadth of knowledge rather than competing with a group of like-minded folks.

And read the posts in this blog (since 3/21) for hints and clues to tonight’s round 4 questions. :-)