The Minute He Walked In The Joint…

It’s Musical Monday with Stage & Screen Night from 6PM until midnight. Dinner, drinks and songs. :-) Join us!


DJ Michael will play clips and videos from your favorite musical moments on stage, screen, the internet and beyond. Come check it out and make a request. Our library of songs grows each week. The night is modeled on the event in other cities which, in turn, is modeled on the history of gay men assembling around a piano in a bar singing show tunes. Fabulous!

Here are the lyrics from a frequent request, “Big Spender” from Sweet Charity:

The minute you walked in the joint I could see you were a man of distinction,
A real big spender. Good lookin', so refined. Say, wouldn't you like to know what's goin' on in my mind? So let me get right to the point. I don't pop my cork for every man I see.
Hey big spender,……spend a little time with me.
Wouldn't you like to have fun, fun, fun? How's about a few laughs, laughs?
I could show you a good time! Let me show you a good time!

We’ve got a few versions to play (click below). Which one do you want to sing along with?

You don’t have to be a big spender at Bacchus today. Margaritas are only $3…

…and if you’re thinking about lunch or dinner, try one of our fresh and delicious sandwiches or flatbread pizzas. Come to Bacchus today for some fun, laughs and good times....