Ask Bacchus: Who’s He?

A “friend” was at Bacchus for Stage & Screen Night last night and, on two separate occasions, leaned over and asked, "Who’s he?”

Of course he was referring to 2 separate men who had come to the bar. One of the guys he had seen last week and met (in a group) at the International Market Place. The other (we would later learn) was on holiday from Australia.

This “friend” — who was normally chatty and friendly to everyone — well, he was frozen. Faced with an attractive man, he buckled and lost his charm. It happens to many of us. How can we overcome our fear of meeting the hot guy?

There are no universal ways to meet someone in a bar. These dos and don’ts might not work for everyone.

Stop worrying about what he might think of you.

He’ll probably like you a lot better and give you more time if you come over and talk to him naturally rather than using a line or nervously talking crap. Most men can tell if a guy is confident or shitting his pants. Try thinking of something funny as you walk over so it isn’t some creepy “I’m confident” smile.

Buy him his next beer.
(BTW: tap beer is only $3 every Tuesday at Bacchus)

It makes you seem fun, plus it’s a quick drink, meaning no long conversations necessary. But don’t go and purchase a drink or shot that you’re not sure the guy will like. He may not enjoy that sweet, blue-green shooter you just happened to put in front of him. Your best bet is to ask what he likes.

Take it easy.

Liquid courage is one thing, but drunk men and their targets don't go famously well together. Slurring your words and spilling your pint on him isn’t going to make him take his clothes off — apart from to change into clean ones, in the privacy of his apartment, alone. 

Hopefully these tips will help you in your approach to the hottie! Remember, that exterior beauty is only part one. If they guy’s a stuck up douche, you might want to steer away from him. He may be a charmer and the man you spend the rest of your life with. Give it a shot!