Better Half?

2-4-1 well cocktails, $2 off call drinks, $7 flatbread pizzas, $7 sandwiches. Booze & Food at Bacchus – which is the better half of this perfect pairing?

He brings you joy. He makes you feel balanced. He fills you with happiness. He soothes your soul and means everything to you.

What do you call him?

Finding someone you love does not complete you, it does not solve your problems and it does not give you answers. But some clichés for names for our partners persist:

My better half. This term wasn't originally restricted to referring to one's significant other as we use it now, but to a dear friend. The trivial term came about in the 1580s. The allusion then was to a friend so dear that he/she was more than half of a person's being. That meaning persists, although these days, if the term is used seriously rather than sarcastically, it is generally considered to mean ‘the superior half of a couple’. That is, better in quality rather than in quantity.

Here are some other commonly used terms:

Baby. You either love this nickname or hate it (like we do!). Of course, you’re not restricted to using the word by itself. You can always add on to it if you feel the need. There are tons of pet names for your significant other that begin with ‘baby.’ There’s ‘baby doll,’ ‘baby face,’ and even ‘baby boy.’ Stick to whatever sounds best to you. Or (preferably) don‘t use it at all!

Honey is sweet, which is why you might use this when talking to your super sweet partner. You could also call him ‘honey bun’ when you want a different sounding nickname. Either way, he’ll love hearing you say it.

Boo. This one has become pretty popular. If you want something simple and sexy, this is your best choice. It sounds casual, but it also suggests that you’re together for the long haul. BTW: combining ‘honey’ with ‘boo’ x2 is not recommended. :-)

Love. If your partner is the love of your life, then you might as well address him as such. You could also get more cutesy by calling him ‘lover boy,’ or ‘love muffin.’ Anything's a possibility.

Whoever you are lucky enough to be with is the love of your life and is the most important thing in your world. Call him what you want to, but make sure that he knows he’s your love.

Enjoy the cocktails and tasty food you love at Bacchus today and tonight. Stay for our DJ at 10PM. No cover! Always fun!