Satyrdays: The Trophy

Satyrdays at Bacchus come meet the man of your dreams. Jack Daniels is only $6 (all flavors). No cover. Always fun!

It’s SATYRDAY at Bacchus. We return to the day and night to let our fantasies run wild. A $6 Jack cocktail (the Saturday Bacchus special) will ease your mind’ve read fantasy books, seen fantasy movies and even played a fantasy role in your latest Scruff/Grindr/Tinder profile... Live one today, you just might meet…

The Trophy

As promised April 7th, below is our second reader-submitted Satyr story.

How many times have we heard that we’ll only find a hot man when we’re least looking for it? Too many. And it’s because of this that we experience that never-ending internal battle of whether we should actually stop looking and simply live on, hoping we’ll accidentally happen upon him in the street—or keep looking anyway.

Your best bet is to find him at the gym. The gym is a shining beacon of hope. It is an untapped resource, a hidden treasure of men possessing that possible perfect “husband” package we all aspire for. Think about it: gym-goers are concerned about their health, physical appearance and aren’t lazy, just to name some qualities you'd want in a hubby.

You’re surrounded by sweaty, grunting men, and beautiful men doing hip thrusters, and that machine on which they open and close their thighs (its sole purpose is really just to make them look like they're DTF). Basically, everyone taps into his or her most primal self at the gym.

A couple of days ago, K went to the gym with the intention of hitting on some hot hotties, and his experiment turned out way better than he expected it would. After 30 minutes of treadmill cardio, K moved on to work his triceps. He found a spot next to a mid-20s, brown-haired Adonis. Using every ounce of energy he had left, he lifted the sh*t out of those dumbbells. When K was finished, he turned toward the bro.

“I’m dead,” K said breathlessly, dropping the weights to the floor.

"Oh, I'm dead too," J laughed, "but that's a good sign. I think I've seen you here before, actually."

K closely studied the features on J’s face can body and realized he was right. J went on to ask if K lived in the neighborhood, and K signed off by telling him he’d see him around soon.

J gave K the bro nod of approval. K nodded back and walked over to the men’s locker room.

Once in the quiet corner of the locker room, K grabbed a towel and started to undress. Soon he felt a presence nearby and someone clearing his throat to get attention. It was J. He stood there nude. The most beautiful specimen of a man. K startled and turned to look J up and down. Starting at the feet, he saw thick muscular and hairy legs, a beautiful and ample package, a chiseled set of abs that were topped by a lightly furry pair of manly worked out pecs and pumped up shoulders and arms. K thought, “No tan lines. Hmmm...”

In what seemed to be an eternity, K stared into J’s eyes. From below, he noticed J twitch ever so slightly. He was getting a chubby. Both men let it continue. They stood there and stared at each other. K let his towel drop to the floor. They didn’t touch or smile or even move. Soon their eyes were welling up. K & J were showing their bodies off to each other.

The tense moment was broken by the sound of a locker door slamming nearby. No one had seen, but they grinned at each other suddenly slightly aware of what had happened.

“Where are you headed after the gym?” K asked.

“No plans. Wanna get a drink? Bacchus?”

“Sure. I love that place.”

They showered next to each other oblivious to the onlookers. K & J soaped up their bodies and stared at each other and this time tried to hide their erections. Afterward, they quickly dressed and left the gym and met up at the bar.

K & J talked for a while and shared a few drinks. When the alcohol kicked in, K became bolder, slipping off his sandal and began running his toes up and down J’s leg. They shared a few flirty looks over their cocktails and even brushed hands a few times. About 45 minutes later, they were inside K’s hotel room, and the playing began in earnest.

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