Ask Bacchus: Only On Tuesdays!

“Monday” isn’t the same day for everyone. Maybe it’s not the same day each week. Maybe it’s just the day you have meetings or appointments. Either way, we tried to make it awesome last night with Trivia Night (click here for a recap on what went down and to quiz yourself in our General Knowledge rounds). Here are some pix from last night, more on our Trivia Night page. Come back to Bacchus today for $3 beer, a delicious sandwich or pizza, tap Tuesday is now Gay Tuesday!

Gay Tuesday is a day set aside by the gods for homosexual merriement!

You deserve to feel happy, grateful and light every day. Enjoying $3 tap brews on Tuesdays at Bacchus can be the start!

What’s the trivial origin of the phrase “Only on Tuesdays?” No one really knows, but it’s said that it’s a reply meant to confuse people when asked if you are something derogatory and/or bad. For example:

When asked if he was stupid, the man replied, “Only on Tuesdays.”

The sun is shining and the rain has passed (for now). A $3 brew on the Bacchus lanai is in order. See you soon!