Who, In The Bar, Would You Kiss?

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You know how to wet your whistle, don’t you? Put your lips together and…drink!

Anyone who’s ever had the perfect kiss probably doesn’t feel like they need an explanation for why people would do it, but evidently, it’s kind of an evolutionary mystery.

Humans are among the only species who do it, and the trivial others who do it (chimps and bonobos) don't do it the same way we do.

Some guys come to the bar with their friends and, for fun, sit around and look at the crowd and play a truth or dare game, Who, at Bacchus, would you kiss? The sexy guy sitting at the bar on his computer? The couple sharing a flatbread pizza at the table by the ATM? The bartender who flirts and flirts and flirts? Kissing any of them seems like a fun thing to do...but why?

New research has attempted to shed some light on the issue of why we pucker up. Here are three theories as to why human beings can't stop sucking face:

1. It causes arousal. YES IT DOES! Sometimes, just watching other people do it is enough. However, while this is true, it probably not a reason it’s so important to romantic relationships.

2. It helps to assess future mates. Researchers aren’t entirely sure how kissing helps people determine the worthiness of a future mate, but they speculate it may have something to do with smell.

3. It maintains attachment to your partner. Lots of kissing is associated with better relationships and more satisfaction. Interestingly, that's not necessarily the case with sex. There seems to be a unique relationship function to kissing that isn't solely for arousal. Some men tend to initiate kissing more before sex, i.e., for arousal purposes, whereas others go in for the kisses after sex, when researchers say it may better serve relationship function.

Why do you love kissing?

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