Extreme & Flamboyant!

As a contemporary term, the meaning of the word drag has developed into something much more than simply to cross-dress in an extreme or flamboyant manner.

In fact, it has been deemed that at one point or another we all “dress in drag.”

From the leather man office worker to the puka shelled surfer dude, our outfits may seem labored over or carefree, but they still are a choice. We’re not cross-dressing, but we change up our exteriors when necessary; we all dress in “drag” to look more professional at a job interview.

We all do this because we think it makes us shine!

So, is drag a way to say “I’m proud of who I am” or a way to say “I wish I were someone else?”

Neither. Because here we’ve taken the term “drag” too far! From the campy-silliness of queens years ago to the divas we have today…

drag performers transcend/challenge gender roles through their performance of extreme (over the top) masculinity or femininity. They take on a role that society world normally tells them that they couldn’t.

Whatever one chooses to wear in public, no matter how simple, reveals his own character not much less than that of drag queens.

Come watch these drag queens (below) in action tonight at Bacchus. We show RuPaul’s Drag Race on all screens with sound at 5PM and 7PM. Twelve remain, who’s going home tonight?

$5 Tequila Thursday means you and your buddies and drink a shot every time queen says “fierce!”