Do you struggle when it comes to flirting with men? Why not let your body do the talking?

☺ Flirt this Friday at Bacchus. Do your own thing, read the HOW TOs below or follow the lead of the DIVAS on screen. Video DJ Matt is on the table at 10PM. Absolut - all flavors - $6 all day and all night. DIVAS at 10PM. Never a cover.

Don’t struggle with your words like DIVA Christina Aguilera does in her new trivial video for Accelerate - Does she say: We got moola, power, we on FRIDAY NIGHT? or We got moola, power, we on FIRE TONIGHT? Listen and let us know....

To quote a DJ friend, “Yikes. I kept waiting for the intro to end and the song to begin, but then it was over and I realized that’s the actual song. Not to mention the video is trash.”

Psychologists reckon that 55% of our communication is non-verbal.

So even if you are not consciously aware of it, men are reading your body language to try and understand you and how available you are. You need to learn what signals to give off to show you are interested.

Here are five tips on how to use your body to show that cute guy across the bar at Bacchus that you are not opposed to meeting him:

1. Flirt with your eyes and smile
The eyes are the central focal point of your face. Every man is beautiful when he smiles. Smiling lights up your whole face. Your whole energy warms up and glows. Raise an eyebrow while you’re glancing his way and smile.

2. Touch your body
Don’t go for the Michael Jackson crotch grab. Caress your beard casually with your hand while making suggestive eye contact. You will mesmerize him. Draw attention to your lips by biting them gently during appropriate moments in the conversation. If you’ve got abs to show off, reach up under your tshirt and pretend to massage your six pack - all the while looking right at him.

3. Become primal
When it comes to the sex game, it is the closest we sophisticated humans get to being our natural primitive animalistic selves. Instinct takes over and we reconnect with our bodies. If you think there could be an attraction, growl a little as you walk by. It might make him think you’re a lunatic, OR it might drive him wild.

4. The chase
Let him into your space and then gently pull back. Men love the chase. There must be the promise of something more. Tease him playfully.

5. Mirroring
This is what separates a good flirt from a great flirt. Nothing will bond you more effectively than mirroring his body language. This simply means you do whatever it is he does. If he leans forward to tell you something intimate, lean in to meet and join him.

As in everything, know your limits and read the signs. If he’s not receptive to your flirting, then move on — don’t be the guy who can’t take a hint. Instead, tune in to the DIVA song that the DJ is playing and sing out to your heart’s content.

Enjoy a flirty weekend at Bacchus. Start today!