Ask Bacchus: Doing What You Love

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Can bartending be a lifelong career? Of course it can.

Close your eyes and envision a bartender. What visuals come to mind?

Youth? Beauty? Vitality? Quick Money?

Your imagination didn’t lead you to a visualization of a 50-year-old married man with kids who crafts cocktails on the weekends in-between dropping kids off at soccer practice and reading bedtime stories.

Most people don’t go into hospitality on the serving side expecting to make a career out of it (in this country anyways), there are those that do.

As with any job, (and yes, bartending is a real job) there are those that fall in love with bartending the same way some people fall commitedly in love with a person. That love can be carried out over a lifetime and translated into passion, desire and dedication— all of which can lead a person into a lucrative, exciting and entertaining career full of perks like longevity, flexibility and stability.

Follow the advice of Sinatra (whose Trivial Secret Service nickname was ‘Napoleon’):

Ultimately, if you love bartending and cannot imagine working in a position where creating and crafting cocktails and meeting new people everyday is not part of your job description then you have found your career. Nothing in life is guaranteed except for the now so spend everyday doing what you love.

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