Today, we get $6 Jack Daniels, DJ Takai and another Royal Spectacle. It’s over and done with by the time we’ve woken up here in Hawaii. The press is all abuzz over the wedding gown (a Givenchy dud) and THE HATS (not too fascinating, ladies). Most fascinating of all is a drink or two and a pizza or sandwich at Bacchus! Tonight, DJ Takai fascinates at 10PM!

A fascinator is no trivial hat. It’s an ornate headpiece — often decorated with flowers or feathers — and popular among royals. The most ridiculous in recent memory was the one worn by Prince Andrew and Fergie’s firstborn, Beatrice at Will and Kate’s wedding back in 2011. It was a taupe “O” tied up in a bow. It garnered more attention than that of her sister, Eugenie (second from the left below) whose hat looked like Smurfette’s bruised undercarriage after a long night with Gargamel. Of course others, including Victoria Beckham, wear these silly toppers as well and look equally as bizarre.

What about Men in Hats?

Up until the 1950s, men were rarely seen out and about without a hat sitting upon their head. Since that time, the wearing of hats has seen a precipitous decline. No one is precisely sure why. Some say the downfall of hats occurred when JFK did not wear a hat to his inauguration, thus forever branding them as uncool. This is an urban myth, however, as Kennedy did indeed don a hat that day. Another theory posits that the shrinking size of cars made wearing a hat while driving prohibitively difficult. Most likely, the demise of hats can simply be traced to changing styles and the ongoing trend towards a more casual look.

Hats are due for a full resurgence. They are both functional and stylish. They can cover a bad hair day, keep your head warm, and shade your eyes from the sun. They can also be worn to cover a receding hairline, which interestingly enough is why Frank Sinatra, an iconic hat wearer, started wearing one in the first place. They give you a touch of class and sophistication, impart personality, and add an interesting and unique accent to your outfits. And hats are a sure-fire way to boost your confidence. A cool hat can quickly become your signature piece and give you extra swagger.

Of course men today still wear hats, but they are most often confined to ratty baseball caps, hippie beanie caps, or the thankfully almost extinct trucker hat. There is nothing wrong with these kinds of headpieces per se, but there are other hat options out there. So mix up your lids.

Wear one out today or tonight to Bacchus. Jack Daniels cocktails are only $6. DJ Takai is spinning at 10PM.