Shy Guy?

What’s Up at Bacchus today: Absolut vodka for $6 (from 12noon until closing) and DIVAS with Video DJ Matt tonight at 10PM. No cover. New to town or visiting? Check us out…

Are you a shy guy? If you are new to a bar like Bacchus or somewhere out of your comfort zone, try making it work for you.

Approach someone who looks more comfortable, someone who looks like he belongs at Bacchus or wherever you are, and tell him you’re new at the place.

Ask him some questions about it, such as what’s good to order, whether this is a typical night or whatever else occurs to you.

If you’ve guessed right and he’s familiar with the locale, he may tell you about the place, show you around or talk about his experience there.

If you were wrong, you can share your observations about the place to start a conversation. Or bring up some trivial facts like Melania’s kidney condition. :-)

If someone isn’t into you, that’s not about you - it reflects their tastes and their preferences. It’s too easy to tell yourself why someone’s not interested or who rejected you, but those are just fabricated stories in your head.

As always, be yourself and smile. People will like you. Come to Bacchus and say hello to our bartenders and introduce yourself to a cutie or two! All Absolut vodka flavors are $6 all day and all night. Video DJ Matt is up at 10PM with DIVAS. There’s no cover charge, ever. Wow! :-)