Humidity. Ugh! Sweating within moments of going outside? Cool yourself off at Bacchus! What to drink??? Here’s a suggestion…

Fizzy gin cocktails have long comprised the bulk of warm weather liquor consumption here in America. That’s because they’re as easy to make as they are refreshing on a hot day.

2-4-1 Wednesdays means that you get two gin and tonic well drinks for the price of one. Have a favorite gin? Call it; all call drinks are $2 off, too! :-) DJ Takai spins at 10PM. No cover!

Sometimes socializing on hot and humid days can make us feel like sardines packed tightly. The cool and ambient a/c at Bacchus will be a nice respite for you.

For a slightly more citrus-y take on the classic G&T, swap out lime wedges for a wedge of orange. Simply squeeze the orange wedge to taste—you can also ask the bartender to add a dash of citrus bitters for an extra kick.

Not all gin and tonics are created equal, and the success of this simple mixed drink hinges on one key element: the quality of the gin.

At the end of the day, Hendrick’s is a gin that’s good for just about everything—from complex cocktails to simple gin and tonics.

Because it’s distilled in small batches, the gin yields an ultra-precise flavor that’s as balanced as it is distinctive. Hendrick’s is ideal for those who enjoy a more botanical profile—think notes of elderflower, fresh cucumber, and rose water.

Order a Hendrick’s G&T or any call cocktail today at Bacchus and get $2 off! It’ll cool you down and brighten your day.