Like A Pro

Look up the definition of PRO on and you discover that it can mean PROFESSIONAL or PROSTITUTE. For today’s purposes, we’re focusing on the former. :-)

Come to Bacchus today and enjoy a $3 margarita from our professional cocktail slingers. The special is (as all our daily specials are) valid from 12 noon to last call.

Look around on the best seller list or YouTube channels: Cook Like a Pro; Eat Like a Pro; Entertain Like a Pro; Play Golf Like a Pro; Drive Like a Pro; F%#k Like a Pro; and so on. But when you look at the literal definition of professional, it just means: a person engaged in a profession. So when we pose for a picture, we’re models…we’re all PROs!

Just like when we’re looking at models, we’re quick to notice when someone’s skill set far exceeds another. We see this alot in movies and television. A common character trope is the Consummate Professional:

The Consummate Professional is most often a very serious character, be it by choice or by requirement. Use of this trope is often, though not always, involved in a profession that warrants violence or is on the shadier side of the law like a soldier of fortune, professional spy, courier, or professional assassin.

He has a very strict code of conduct to which he adheres meticulously, and instantly dislikes anyone who implies he should lighten up. He’ll likely say “Nothing Personal” and/or “Just Following Orders” when people ask him.

The main character from the The Transporter (Jason Statham) movies usually tries to be this. Agent Smith (Hugo Weaving) in the The Matrix films is also a great example. A non-violent example would be Iron Man’s Pepper Pots (Gwyneth Paltrow) – well, Pepper can do it all.

We hope that our staff can do it all for you at Bacchus. Professional and friendly!

Come drink with us today and enjoy our fresh and delicious sandwiches and pizzas. Play Trivia with us at 7PM. It’s free and fun! See you then!

If you’re looking for an edge in tonight’s TRIVIA match at Bacchus, look back at the blog posts from May 9th through yesterday, May 20th. Scan through the text (or better yet, READ the article) and look for the word ‘trivia’ or ‘trivial.’ The content of that phrase/sentence/paragraph is what you need to know to answer the Round 4 General Knowledge questions tonight.