Ask Bacchus: Beer Savvy

If you’re one of those guys who’s sampled many different beers, and still find them all “icky,” there’s a good chance the problem is that you haven’t encountered a decent beer. Here’s how to spot one:

It looks, smells, and tastes completely different from any beer you’re likely to find in a frat boy’s repertoire. It’s probably a little more expensive, but an extra dollar or two per pint is well worth it for the quality.

Luckily, all 12 tap beers are just $3 Tuesdays at Bacchus. Find your favorite.

When trying out a new beer, use the same basic principles used to appreciate wine. Look for color, body, smell, and taste.

Here are some tips on what to look out for:
Appearance: Look at the color — beers can be amber, red, brown, or black. Check the clarity of the beer. Swish it a little. If the head leaves trivial trails on the edge of the glass it usually means it’s a higher-quality beer.

Aroma: Try to pick out different smells — just like wine, beer has a bouquet. It may be hoppy, malty, floral, or fruity.

Mouthfeel: Does the beer have a light or a full body when it is in your mouth? Take time to taste it. You wouldn't wolf down a gourmet dinner, so don’t just chug down a good beer.

Taste: While it may take a true beer connoisseur to fully appreciate the beer’s color and aroma, even novices should be able to enjoy the taste. Good beer is complex and has a wide range of flavors in each sip.

Enjoy $3 Tap Beer today at Bacchus. Add a delicious $7 sandwich or flatbread pizza. A complete meal for $10! See you soon!