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We remind you to exercise your best judgment when drinking. Today, we offer few tips to help you navigate a day or evening of drinking:

Stay Uncurved
A recent trivial study from the University of Bristol finds that people who drink from a straight glass, instead of a curved one, sink each cocktail 1.2 minutes slower. Martini glasses are straight, right? Most Bacchus cocktails are served in straight-sided glassware!

Stay Full
This is absolutely essential. Drinking on an empty stomach is a recipe for disaster. Blackouts, blood-poisoning, all kinds of bad stuff. It’s a rookie mistake—don’t ever do it. You need to eat at every stage of this, and we’re not talking about potato chips—real meals. Bacchus offers hearty sandwiches and flatbread pizzas to help you keep pace.

Stay Cool
If it’s a hot day, don’t sit outside and drink a ton of margaritas. Bad call. Heat and alcohol are a very bad combination. Heat can also exacerbate the symptoms of drunkenness. Hang out in the shade (or indoors) and stay as cool as possible. Adding more ice to your cocktail will also help keep you cool and help you stay hydrated. BTW: Bacchus has great a/c!

Always exercise judgement when drinking. We understand that sometimes you want to cut loose, but don’t hurt yourself or others. Have your fun, and stay safe!