It’s Cinco de Mayo: The earth quakes, Kilauea bubbles, and lava flows a mere 200 miles away.

Here on Oahu, we’re seemingly a world away from the heat and danger of the volcano. We hope all those affected by this most recent event are safe. We turn our attention to the excitement and energy spurred on by today’s “holiday” where the Mexicans defeated the French at the trivial battle of Puebla in 1862.

At Bacchus, as we do on every Saturday, Jack Daniels drinks are $6. Tonight, DJ Takai hosts CONGA night at 10. Latin beats and writhing hips that will work the crowd into it’s own eruption.

Dance the Conga and the Salsa and create your own spicy world...heat it up…

Much like the jalapeño, salsa dancing can be medium, mild, or straight up hot. Both are considered the “go-to” in their individual categories and salsa is ultimately what most people think of first when they think of Latin dancing. You will hear salsa at almost every Latin party, and it’s pretty much the dominant Latin dance. In the same way, you will usually see a jalapeño be the main complementary food to many Latin dishes. You honestly can’t go wrong with providing either to the crowd!

Needless to say, both DJ TAKAI at BACCHUS tonight will be mucho caliente! Join us. No cover. Always fun!