Closing Out The Weekend

When you commit to day drinking to close out the weekend, you should abide by a strict set of rules in order to keep yourself in check.

Your body is only as strong as the choices you make.

When you first start surfing, you don’t just head straight to Pipeline because you’re setting yourself up for disaster. You temper your expectations, start forward, and keep it manageable. Well, same goes for your Sunday beverage choices.

The beauty of Sunday beers is that it isn’t Friday anymore and you can’t just easily fire down 30 Miller Lites before finding yourself snarfing a 3AM ABC Store musubi at some loser’s apartment wondering where your consciousness went. A few beers is just fine, though...

When you start with Mimosas, it’s clear where your head’s at. As you keep pouring them, you start adding a little less OJ and your hand gets a little heavier on the champagne because, hey, you’re feeling good. It’s potentially dangerous yet still non-lethal.

Do you toss ice cubes in your Sauvignon Blanc and say, “No no, you can put ice cubes in wine because they melt and it hydrates you.”? YUP.

A bloody mary is the right move — especially at Bacchus. We’ll give you the base and you can mix in the ingredients that you find are most tasty. You’ve got work tomorrow!

That’s it. Take it easy. If you want to do shots (a trivial shot glass in the US holds 1.5oz/44ml of liquor) — do them in moderation (as all your drinking should be). And study up on your Trivia hints from our last 2 weeks of blog posts (look for the words “trivia” or “trivial” as a lead in to a sentence - and that’ll be the clue that you’ll need to know in Round 4!) Trivia Night at Bacchus is tomorrow at 7PM.