Ask Bacchus: Finding Your Scene

Is it true that gentrification and Grindr are said to have ruined nightlife? The scene at Bacchus is vibrant and shows no signs of dwindling.

Bacchus is a nice cozy gay bar with friendly staff. We are known for our drink specials and excellent DJs and music! We welcome all.

What’re our thoughts on gay bars? The gay bar has always been a refuge for homosexuals, a place where gays "can feed and mate relatively free of discomfort." Historically, gay bars were a safe space where patrons could take off the masks they wore while passing for straight. They were a place to meet, to socialize, to find friends and potential partners. In a way, they were our church, with sermons delivered via musical sets by disco divas. Gay bars were and are a place to find fellowship. Bacchus is that place for you.

At Bacchus we emphasize socializing, and, of course, drinking and eating. We’ll encourage you to come to our events, like Trivia Night (click here recap from last night), Stage & Screen Night, Beer Busts, Pre- and Post-Catamaran Cruise get-togethers and our DJ events: Takai on 2-4-1 Wednesdays and Video DJ Matt’s Diva Fridays.

Find your scene at Bacchus today with a $3 draft beer. That’s our Tuesday special. Add in a delicious sandwich or flatbread pizza and make it a meal!


$3 Tap Beer

Every Tuesday at Bacchus. All day. All night.