Smile, Or Don’t…

Looking to hook up? Looking to play?

You could go through all the motions of compliments and gifts. Sing him your favorite diva song (i.e, come to DIVAS tonight from 10PM -2AM with video DJ Matt). Buy him drinks (i.e, $6 Absolut cocktails at Bacchus on Fridays). Feed him (i.e, $7 pizzas and sandwiches at Bacchus every day). That will definitely impress.

When all is said and done, your flirting success rate might just depend on your smile.


Researchers discovered not so trivially - that individuals who wanted a long-term relationship found men who smiled more attractive. They also rated the men more trustworthy when they smiled than when they had a neutral expression.

However, for those looking for a short-term relationship, smiling men were less appealing, the psychologists from the University of Oslo, and Senshu University in Japan said.

Men who seem more trustworthy are a more attractive option for a long-term partnership, but the character trait is less important for a short-term fling.

What’s your approach? Give it a shot at Bacchus today and tonight. Absolut vodka (all flavors) are only $6. Even it all out with a hot-out-of-the oven flatbread pizza or gourmet sandwich. And let our DIVAS videos from VDJ Matt light up your night and make you smile.... or not!

No cover. Always fun! Bacchus Waikiki! What’ll it be?