Melodious Fun

It just might be a complete Bikini Bottom day at Bacchus. The Aloha Bears meet up at the bar for their monthly Second Sunday Catamaran Cruise (will any be wearing Speedos?) followed by a complimentary luncheon (will someone order a Bikini Blonde), then, we'll find out if Spongebob (who lives in Bikini Bottom) is a winner.…

Join us for the Tony Awards with us at 7PM.

There are plenty of gay men who truly adore Broadway. What are the origins and motivations of that great gay archetype, the musical theater queen. In other words…

Why are show tunes a thing?

The 2018 Tony’s Best Musical nominees: Spongebob, Mean Girls, The Band’s Visit, Frozen.

How wonderful to imagine a world where spontaneous song and dance occur on a crowded city street or a secluded mountainside…

…a world in which talent, style and guts are all you need, except of course for "faith, hope, and a little bit o' luck." In such a never-never land, even gays can imagine a life filled with the forbidden joys of "moonlight and music and love and romance." To borrow Dr. Frankenfurter's trivial phrase from The Rocky Horror Picture Show (Fox 1974), in musicals we don't merely "dream it" – we can "be it."

Many genres allow one to escape reality and find vicarious joy in the adventures of others, but nothing has the same stylish, witty, melodious fun that classic musicals do. The musical is where all art forms (literature, dance, drama, music, the visual arts, etc.) come together to form as complete an artistic expression as Western civilization can lay claim to.

A good musical is the realm of human beings, while opera and ballet are all too often the realm of characters who belong to another species. Dolly, Rose, Tevya, Evita, Pippin, Annie, Curly, the Phantom and Max Biyalistock are all terribly, wonderfully, and undeniably human. We recognize their feelings and in the process can reach a better understanding of ourselves.

Come watch the Tony Awards with us at Bacchus at 7PM. Come back tomorrow night for Stage & Screen Night at 6PM where we play your favorite muscial numbers from Broadway, Hollywood and beyond.