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Hawaii has hundreds of stunning beaches, including those with white, gold, brown, black, red and green sand. Whether or not you enjoy entering the ocean, you want to make sure you look your best. Since tonight’s Trivia theme is SWIMWEAR, we thought we’d take a look at some styles…

For most of human history, recreational swimming was done naked. (Non-recreational swimming was done in whatever you were wearing when you fell in, because it beat the heck out of drowning.)

Purpose-designed swimwear started out as a modesty garment first, and a practical garment very much second. Early swimsuits were made from knit wool, and in the case of women’s swimwear included long skirts, weighted down at the hem to keep the water from lifting them up.

Thongs are small briefs designed to expose the buttocks. Many cultures traditionally use thong-style swimwear for men, such as the Japanese fundoshi, but in contemporary Western culture thongs are predominantly marketed toward women. Men can and do wear them.

Trunks are the most common men’s swimwear in North America. They look similar to shorts worn as clothing on land, but are made from light, fast-drying materials (usually nylon or polyester) and feature a tighter-fitting lining inside the shorts. Longer versions that come past the knee are sometimes called boardshorts.

Swim briefs are often called “speedos,” a trademarked brand that has been popular for many years. They are tight, body-hugging swimsuits with a V-shaped front that bares the thighs. Recreational swim briefs typically feature an interior lining.

Square-cut shorts are a body-hugging style that covers the wearer from the waist to the upper thigh. The leg openings are cut straight across the thigh for a boxy look that is slightly less revealing than angled swim briefs.

Jammers are knee-length, skintight suits used by competitive swimmers and other watersports participants to reduce drag. They resemble bike shorts, but without the padded crotch and seat.

You probably want to know if any of this is gonna be on the quiz....in other words, is this content you need to know for Trivia tonight at 7PM? Your best bet is to go back through these blog posts since our last trivia (start at May 23) and look for hints in the posts (usually the word "trivia" or "trivial" is in the sentence).

Today’s post is more about clickbait and looking at hot men in swimwear! :-) A nice distraction. Below are two recent men’s swimwear fashion shows (click to play).

What suit is right for you?
There are no right or wrong choices, but you should realistically expect your choices to have some effect on other people. There are going to be visual judgments, whether you want them or not. If you don’t care (and you shouldn’t) - wear whatever the fuck you want to! :-)

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