Ask Bacchus: Glass Half Full!

Last night’s Trivia competition went swimmingly. Click here for a recap and photos. Today - enjoy any one of our 12 tap beers for only $3/pint. Add one of our flatbread pizzas (the margherita is a big seller) or a freshly made sandwich (the cuban is a winner) for just $7 more. What a deal!

Serious beer drinkers are like serious wine drinkers: they will try to convince you that you should like something because they do. It’s not personal, so don’t be afraid to say you’re not into it. This is why having a sip or a taste of a Bacchus tap beer before ordering your own is smart.

There are two main categories of hops, bittering and aromatic. Bittering hops are added at the start of making of beer (the boil). As the name suggests, they make the beer bitter. Aroma hops, also called ‘finishing hops,’ are added later, and give the beer flavor and aroma.

Here is how different beers rank in terms of hops:
· IPA: High AF in hops, both bitter and aromatic
· Pale Ale: Kinda high but not as high as IPA
· Pilsners/Lagers: Moderate bitterness, subtle aromatics
· Malt beer: Very little hops

You bear the ultimate responsibility for your own health — and if you love beer, this means understanding the health benefits and risks. Beer and alcohol are very important parts of a man's life — many of us can't imagine life without our beloved drink of choice.

Eating a small meal before you drink can actually help slow the absorption of alcohol. A full stomach may also may help cut down on the amount of alcohol you can drink.