The Friday Agenda

“There is no gay agenda – it’s a human agenda. All of us should be treated the same… Long live love.”

-Elizabeth Taylor

We gladly welcome all at Bacchus! Enjoy Friday’s cocktail special: $6 Absolut - all day and all night. Order a flatbread pizza or a gourmet sandwich and bop to the beats of VDJ Matt tonight, starting at 10PM with DIVAS - and, as always there’s no cover charge!

We live in a world where everyone is presumed to be heterosexual/straight – and as a society we still like to think that everyone fits comfortably into a male or female gender category. But the reality is clearly quite different – with a recent survey revealing that 49% of people aged between 18 and 24 identify as something other than 100% heterosexual.

During this PRIDE month, we encourage you to come out! And come out to Bacchus. You’ll see people of all different shapes, sizes and ages. You won’t be inundated with underwear models writhing for tips - you’ll be greeted by our friendly staff who aim for outstanding service.

Research shows that coming out about sexual orientation and gender identity makes a huge difference to LGBT people’s ability to lead happy, open and fulfilling lives. Being open about sexual and gender identity improves LGBT people’s self-esteem and self-confidence, enables better relationships, improves employment satisfaction and increases well-being and psychological health. Having safe, comfortable spaces can help you learn to be comfortable about being yourself.

With more people identifying as LGBT and being open about their sexuality and gender, as well as increased awareness, it may be that at some point in the future, coming out might well become a thing of the past. And one day people might not need to come out at all, because all sexualities and genders will be celebrated as natural and normal. And we’ll still be the same…

We gladly welcome all at Bacchus!