A Little Shade

Today will be a day of direct sunlight and a little shade!



Of course, you get an explanation.

Direct sunlight because of gold in a bottle - tequila, that is. Every Thursday at Bacchus, all tequilas, yes all of them, are just $5/shot. Tequila gets its flavor and potency from the blue agave plant - a succulent that needs lots of warmth and direct sunlight to grow.

A little shade because of RuPaul's Drag Race. Every Thursday (while supplies last) we’re showing RPDR at 5PM and Untucked afterward. Only 5 queens remain and we’ll be cheering them on through the finale. Those queens sure can throw some shade!

Tonight’s Main Challenge on RPDR
The queens must present two characters on the runway: their best selves and their evil twins, plus they have to write and record the dialogue for both characters.

How do you represent your best self? Do you accentuate your best feature? You may not need to, but you may consider starting with enhancing your eyes.

To help your brows look their best, you’ll need three things: a good pair of tweezers, brow pencil and brow gel. In the first video below, vlogger Jake-Jamie Ward, trivially known as the Beauty Boy, explains how to achieve the perfect brow shape and how to correctly use brow pencils and brow gels. Pro tip: pluck with discretion. In the second video, Aaron Marino, whose trivial online personality is Alpha M shows us a makeup free solution to excellent brows.

Will eyebrow care become part of your weekly routine? We hope Thursdays at Bacchus does. Join us today for tequila and RuPaul.