Hunker Down

With the impending arrival of Hurricane Lane and the unpredictable timing of the storm, we invite you to check this website and Facebook page for information about whether or not the bar is open. We recommend that you check this site for hurricane info. Right now, we are planning a regular day on Thursday, August 23rd - open at noon, close at 2AM. That may change depending on the rain and wind.

Above: the New Zealand All Blacks rugby team shows their ability to be ‘one with nature.’

What won't change is that for as long as we are opened on Thursday, all tequila (top shelf included) will be $5! Take advantage of our delicious $7 pizzas and sandwiches, too! And ride out the storm, but be sure to…


Here’s a gallery of the top 20 celebrity hunks according to Glamour. Who’s missing? Take a peek (click to enlarge). And, then read on because we weren’t really talking about this kind of “hunkering.”

We’re talking about the real “hunker down” definition...and by that, we mean:

“to be prepared to stay in a particular place or situation for as long as necessary, especially for protection.”

We’re as ready as we can be. If you’re out and about before the storm, come to Bacchus for some tasty tequila, some delicious pizzas and sandwiches, some outstanding service!