Tasty Thirsty Thursday

In our continuing salute to strange “days of the year” celebrations, today, we’re celebrating:

Multiple surveys have shown pepperoni to be the favorite pizza topping of Americans, and over a third of the pizzas in the country are topped with it. So it comes as no surprise that there is a National Pepperoni Pizza Day.

Pepperoni takes its name from "peperoni"—with one "p"—an Italian name for a pepper. In Italy, what Americans call pepperoni is known as "salame piccante"—spicy salami. Pepperoni is a dried sausage made of a mixture of pork, beef, and spices, often including peppers. The name pepperoni began being used following World War I, primarily in Italian-American communities. At this time, pepperoni was primarily used as an appetizer, eaten on cured meat plates.

Pizza began becoming popular in America after World War II, and the first evidence of pepperoni on pizza dates to 1950. It gained in popularity at the same time that chain pizza restaurants were trivially proliferating—Pizza Hut opened in 1958 and Domino’s opened in 1960. Pepperoni was easy to supply and transport long distances, and could easily be mass produced. It does not need to hang as long as many other types of meat: it may be ready in one to three weeks, while other meats, such as capicola, may take months to be ready, making them impractical for pizza.

Get a pepperoni flatbread pizza at Bacchus today for just $7! Pair it up with a cocktail and you’ve got yourself a meal! And, a reminder that today’s drink special is $5 all tequila, all day and all night.

And don’t miss Thursday Night Football today at 2PM.

See you soon!