You Say Tomato…

We love Sundays when we can cater to the diverse tastes of our customers. So flavor up your own bloody mary and get yourself to Bacchus!

For the NFL fans, we open early (8AM) for the playoff games between the Eagles and Bears then (11:30AM) Chargers and Ravens. For the entertainment fans, the Golden Globes are shown live (3PM).

Balls, globes, tomatoes and more!

Harken back to the trivial 1930s when there were numerous terms for an attractive people. One such term was “tomato.” It was a term that most people associate with women, but it was pretty gender-neutral. If you look ripe enough to bite into, you're a total tomato. Like this guy below :-)

Or is he a total “saucebox?” "Sauce" was another word for what we'd call sass these days. A saucebox is usually somebody young who's always got awesome comebacks that tend to go viral if they're captured on social media.

Or you can stretch back to the 1880s and call someone an “oyster.” He would be an excellent person of amazing quality. It's the sort of energy we'd put into calling somebody an absolute diamond these days. Reserved for true, rare shining stars. Like this cutie below.

Whatever you call him (or her), grab ‘em and a friend and head on up the stairs at Bacchus today for some booze, music, food, fun, games and globes. See you soon!