B Dynamic

Bacchus is a proud sponsor of the Hawaii Gay Flag Football League (HIGFFL). We congratulate the league for their teams, Riptide I and Riptide II for their valiant showing at this year’s Gay Bowl in New York City. We’re super-excited to welcome Gay Bowl XX to Honolulu next October.

The expression "There is no "I" in team," is oft-repeated in the workplace and of course in sporting activities at all levels. The reference, of course, suggests that no one person's needs, abilities or ideas are any more important than the combined skills and efforts of the entire group. Is it true?

The answer, in our opinion, is a resounding, “it depends.” Or “maybe.” Or, “maybe not.” In reality, there is "I" in team, especially when the "I" is aligned with others around shared values and encouraged to offer his or her best in support of group objectives.

Each member of the Bacchus staff brings a unique skill set to their job in addition to shared values of excellent customer service and cocktail craft skills. The combination of our group makes our team a success.

We welcome you to visit today. We open at noon and offer $4 well drinks until 8PM. Tonight, Stage & Screen Night returns after a short absence. We’ll feature some special October songs and “Winning” songs and maybe some TEAM songs (click below).

See you at Bacchus!