Double Happiness

Wednesdays are the best day to double up! 2-4-1 at Bacchus and DJ Takai at 10PM. No cover charge, ever!

We often hear that “Good things come in pairs, or twos.” Indeed, it’s true! Why settle for one when you can have two?

While “twos” indicate a duplicate of the same item, “pairs” might mean different objects grouped together like milk & cookies, mac & cheese, Batman & Robin, or vodka & red bull.

Do you have a favorite pair? A favorite twosome? What are the things in life that double your happiness?

Traditionally, double happiness relates specifically to newlyweds, marriage and the idea that pairs are significant because they lead to children and the continuation of the family line. The trivial back story can be discovered here. However, the idea of seng hei lum mun (which directly translates to ‘double happiness arriving at your door’) can also be applied to two joyous occasions occurring simultaneously in everyday life. For example, a birthday and a promotion would be cause for double celebration, as would an anniversary and graduation; it’s the belief that all good things come in pairs.

Come to Bacchus today and try out our 2-4-1 well cocktails or $2 off call cocktails. It’s a great deal. Add one of our delicious pizzas to your order (the new BBQ Chicken is delicious!).

Tonight DJ Takai will spin Waikiki’s best mixes! See you at Bacchus.