Choose Your Beverage

There is no more beautiful phrase in the English language than: “Next round’s on me.”

But if there’s no such thing as a free lunch, you might think that there’s no such thing as a free drink either. You still need to know how to navigate a potentially tricky situation that could quickly turn disastrous. Give the wrong answer to “What’ll it be?” and you could look greedy.

When the offer comes from a friend:
Friends should buy each other drinks on occasion, whether to celebrate a birthday or an engagement, to cheer the other up over a breakup or lay-off, or simply as a casual, “Hey, I’ll get this one.” In most of these cases, it’s fine to order your usual. (And then pick up his or her “usual” next time.) If it's a bulk order, drink whatever he suggests: split a pitcher of beer, get those gummy bear shooters, or take shots of Fireball.

You will not feel beholden to your friends as long as the “treats” even out.

Luckily, Wednesday at Bacchus, you don’t have to worry. Well drinks are 2-4-1 and call drinks are $2 off. Don’t miss DJ Takai tonight at 10PM!

See you soon!