Magical and Appealing!!!

It’s Sunday Funday at Bacchus! A Happy Birthday to Lloyd, too! Join us today for booze, music, food and fun. All are welcome!

Today, we’ll talk about an item coveted for centuries by kings for its scarcity and stately appearance, and lusted after for its unadulterated meat…

…the pineapple became a trivial worldwide obsession at the beginning of the 16th century. Europe’s royal houses paid thousands in today’s money for just one fruit to put on display as the centerpiece at their tables. It was the ultimate symbol of wealth and was christened the “King of Fruit”.

But it also became a shameless emblem of the financial and social inequality between the classes throughout Europe at the height of the tropical fruit’s obsession. A fledgling nation would help bring the pineapple back down to earth and soften its image to that of warm welcomes, celebration and hospitality.

Hawaii has its own history with the pineapple (to be covered in another post at another time). Hawaii also has a history of welcoming others. Bacchus carries that tradition! All are welcome at Bacchus: locals, visitors, men, women, gay, straight, etc.

Come for a visit! Order up a cocktail with pineapple juice like a Pearl Harbor!