Last night's Awkward Moments Trivia Night wasn't so awkward after all. Check the recap and photos here.

Not long ago were the days that every apathetic part-time barkeep could list all four beers on tap without taking the Marlboro out of their mouth.

Today, the standards are very different. Eight taps, which was once viewed as a pretty-decent selection is now drastically sub-par. 20 lines seems to be the restaurant average today. Meanwhile the nuclear arms race for the biggest beer lists wages on. 

At Bacchus, we’re proud to offer 12 selections of tap beer — there’s beauty in simplicity! Every Tuesday, all of our tap beers are $3/pint from the time we open until last call!

We know that our customers come to the bar for the experience. Beer drinkers may think they want lots of choices, but what they may really want is for that pesky ordering part of the evening to be over so they can actually enjoy the atmosphere and catch up with their friends or conversely get back to their awkward Scruff or Grindr date. (hey! isn't that bartender on Scruff, too?)

Come by Bacchus today for a brew or two and try one of our tasty pizzas or sandwiches! You’ll be glad you did.