Lookin’ For Love

Friday’s the day and night we amp up for the weekend. Whether partying with friends or lookin’ for love, head to Bacchus for booze, music, food and fun. VJ Matt spins his DIVA mixes at 10PM, and before that, there’ll be lots of eating, drinking, and shenanigans to make you smile.

If you’re one of the guys lookin’ for love, you can’t go wrong with a guy who understands that love and relationships aren’t just about being entitled to what someone can give you. You’ll do best with someone willing to sacrifice his comfort and ease, and knows that love is work. That is why…

There is no one more loving than a dog owner.

Dog lovers are affectionate. More importantly, they are generous with affection both verbally and physically. When you’re in a relationship with one, they know how to make you feel loved. In casual, everyday hugs and in big gushy strings of compliments. When you are loved by a dog lover, you’ll know it.

For the record, you’ll also never be sure they love you more than they love their beloved pooch!

So, there’s a trivial canine tie-in to Flirty Fridays at Bacchus? According to the Tito’s website:

Since the beginning, we’ve been committed to helping protect and rescue animals, many of whom thrive alongside us every day at the distillery and our office. In the early days when Tito Beveridge started making vodka at the Mockingbird Distillery, his best furriend and our first co-woofer, DogJo, stood by his side day and night to keep him company.

Check out Tito’s website and you’ll know why they call themselves Vodka for Dog People. And all dog people and others are welcome at Bacchus, any time. No cover, ever!