Getting To Know People

Drinking is always a personal choice. Some like shots, some like champagne or a sweet, juicy cocktail. Others enjoy beer!

Much like what you wear, what you drink can be totally fine in one setting, but completely unacceptable in another. (You wouldn’t take a jug of whiskey to a black tie cocktail party.) While some settings are more flexible than others, knowing what types of drinks are acceptable at various events can help you be more prepared.

Tuesdays at Bacchus = $3 Tap Beer
Beer is a casual drink that’s typically appropriate at most informal settings. If you’re meeting your buddies at Bacchus today, beer is an easy and affordable go-to. Most of the Bacchus tap beers have between a 4-6% alcohol content (though some go higher). Unless you have an exceptionally low tolerance, you can usually have one or two without feeling a noticeable impaired effect.

This makes beer a perfect drink for the “getting to know people” phase.

If you want to have a sustained conversation with someone or discuss anything important, sticking to beer is usually safer. Which ones? Well, your palate is entirely your own, so if you find something you like, enjoy it! There are 12 tap beers to choose from at Bacchus.

Something to talk about? Craft beer! Pop quiz: How much of the beer sold in the U.S. is made by a craft brewery? Just a trivial hair over 13 percent. The vast majority of American beer is still made by huge breweries like MillerCoors and Anheuser-Busch InBev, or is imported from Mexico, Europe, and Asia.

Come on by for some booze, music, food and fun!