Keep It Simple!

Drinking fancy cocktails always puts us in the mood to have a good time.

It’s Friday at Bacchus. Our Friday special: Tito’s Vodka Cocktails for just $6! That means you can order any cocktail including Tito’s & Soda, a Tito’s Screwdriver, Greyhound or Martini…..for $6. Tonight, enjoy the outstanding video stylings of our VJ Matt (10PM-close). There’s never a cover charge at Bacchus. Come see us.

One of the most popular drink orders at Bacchus is vodka and soda with lime. Yes, it’s that simple. We wouldn’t dare give you the recipe! ;-)

It brings to mind the Food Network website’s trivial 2011 recipe by Paula Deen for English Peas (you gotta read the recipe, it’s brilliant!) If she was paid for coming up with this recipe, we’re all in the wrong business. Here are some reviews:

After thousands of comments, the Food Network took down the comments section, but not after several outlets caught wind of the idiocy of the whole thing. It’s clear that simplicity, although open to ridicule, is a good thing!

Whether it’s cooking, living or drinking, the simpler we keep things, the more successful we will be. It's as simple as that.

Make it simple this weekend; come to Bacchus for booze, music, food and fun. Don’t miss Bill & GJs Wild Ride tomorrow from 6-9PM or Trivia Night on Monday from 7-9:30PM.