Another Thirsty Thursday!

Tequila is fast becoming a favorite among spirits enthusiasts worldwide. Experience some of the best around with Bacchus’ fine selections. And with the Thursday price of $5/shot, you can’t go wrong.

Tequila and agave-based spirits are enjoying even more time in the sun right now. Tequila as a category in particular has worked hard to shake off its hard-partying image of shots, slammers and lime and salt to emerge as one of the most fascinating distilled spirits available.

Part of Tequila’s appeal is how versatile and characterful a cocktail ingredient it is. Since every Thursday is Tequila Day at Bacchus, it seems like the perfect time to shout about the fab Mexican agave-based spirit.

Here’s a little bit about one of our selections:

Patrón Silver
One of the most well-known and regarded around. It’s produced by Patrón, who some have credited with making Tequila top-shelf. Silver is a blend of two triple distilled Tequilas that were crafted using two different methods, one made using a traditional tahona and fermented with agave fibers, the other made using a modern roller shredder. Also, that bottle you see there? It was hand-blown and individually numbered.

What does it taste like?
Dried earth, dark sugar, soft spices, butterscotch, cedar, agave and zesty citrus.

The Tequila Manhattan
What happens when use tequila instead of whiskey in one of the best-known cocktails? Magic in a glass! The secret to the Tequila Manhattan is using añejo Tequila, which works as a superb substitute for bourbon. Garnish with lemon and serve to the The Gypsy Kings’ rendition of Hotel California (trivia fans might remember it features in The Big Lebowski when Jesus Quintana is bowling) for extra effect. Click the image below to play the song.