Summer Nights

Let your Monday plans include Bacchus Waikiki. Every Monday, in addition to our daily $4 well drink Happy Hour from noon until 8PM, we offer $4 margaritas, too. Delicious pizzas and sandwiches round out the menu. You’ll want to try the new pastrami pizza – it’s getting rave reviews. Speaking of reviews…

Paramount Pictures is working on a Grease prequel, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Entitled Summer Lovin’ the trivial prequel will explore the events from before the hit musical, reconciling Danny’s more rowdy version of events with Sandy’s more romantic ones.

As it turns out, we sorta know what happened before Grease. It’s all telegraphed in the song “Summer Nights!” Sandy’s version is sweet, Danny’s is sexy. What is the truth?

In the lyrics they’re each describing their teen love affair in the ideal way. To Sandy, it’s romantic hand holding and drinking lemonade; to Danny, it’s making out and getting ‘down in the sand.’ We can probably assume that neither one is telling the full truth about what they actually did on those summer nights.

After you get down in the sand today (or do whatever you like to/have to do in the day,) on this summer night, come to Bacchus and enjoy “Summer Nights” and other songs from movie musicals, Broadway musicals and internet musicals. It’s Stage & Screen Night from 7-11PM. Bring your requests and write ’em down. We’ll play ’em if we have ’em (as long as they don’t kill the mood!).

May your dreams never be ripped at the seams, and may you always enjoy “OH! (UGH?)” those summer niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiights! See you at Bacchus!