A Short Walk

In Australian Aboriginal society, Walkabout is a not-so-trivial rite of passage during which males undergo a journey during adolescence, typically ages 10 to 16, and live in the wilderness for a period as long as six months to make the spiritual and traditional transition into manhood.

In the popular vernacular, however, the term has come to mean “a loosely planned journey or goal.” Maybe it stems from a need to be elsewhere, or having itchy feet, or, yes, even island fever.

Break up your routine and walk yourself up the stairs at 408 Lewers Street to Bacchus Waikiki. It’s a small, one-room, wooden-paneled pub with seats along the windows and tables and chairs at the bar. Our 12 tap handles feature a great selection of beers and ciders and our liquor selection is vast. We have gourmet sandwiches and award-winning flatbread pizzas for sale, too.

On Wednesdays, from noon until last close, we offer 2-4-1 well cocktails and $2 off call cocktails. The world-renowned DJ Takai spins his magical musical mixes every Wednesday from 10PM until closing.

See you soon!