Prime Time

For all the sad history the memory of 9/11 can drag up, today we redirect the focus to the number 911 (nine hundred [and] eleven). It’s a prime number and, interestingly enough, it’s a Sophie Germaine Prime. Sophie Germaine is the mathematician who postulated that 2x a prime number + 1 would give you another prime number. And, it’s not always trivially true, but in this case, it is: 455 x 2 + 1 = 911.



2-4-1 Wells / $2-Off Calls
Every Wednesday

If something is in its prime, it is at its best.
The same goes for a person. If you are young and healthy and in the prime of your life, you are ready to take on the world. Bacchus cocktails are a prime example of delicious beverage!

Prime also often means ‘main.’
The prime reason you go to concerts is to see your favorite groups perform. If your boyfriend wants you to be more social and meet new people, tell him that this is a prime example of why you need to head out to Bacchus tonight.

As a verb, prime means to get ready. Hopefully you’ve primed yourself for your night out. Prime the pump and start the engine, we’re headed to Bacchus!

Enjoy some PRIME TIME at Bacchus today (day or night). Order up a 2-4-1- well drink or get $2 off your call drink. DJ Takai spins at 10PM! Don’t miss out! Thinking about tomorrow night yet? After an afternoon featuring the NFL on tv, Rock·n·Roll Bingo starts at 7PM with all CASH prizes this week!