It has a nice feeling when it’s in your pocket and it’s accepted (almost) everywhere! A fully cashless society isn’t here just yet. There are still some good excuses for keeping a few bills tucked in your wallet.

Unlike your Discover Card or American Express Card, cash is accepted almost everywhere. Most merchants in the U.S. will happily take your greenbacks for payments, even as they refuse to run your credit or debit cards for smaller purchases. Of course, the flip side of the cash-only (or cash-preferred) business is the one that requires you to pay with a card. That’s a perfectly legal practice, and one that’s common in certain industries. So it’s smart to carry both cash and plastic.

At Bacchus, we gladly take American Express, Master Card, Visa, JCB, and cash (we have an ATM on site, too). Pay for your Thursday $5 tequila shots with any of these.


$5 Tequila Shots!

Credit cards are convenient, until suddenly they don’t work or aren’t available. If the power goes out or your wallet is stolen, you’ll be happy you have some paper money tucked in a cookie jar. In fact, the government includes cash on its trivial disaster supplies list (does it say how much?), along with other essentials, such as food, water, and prescription medications. Although you shouldn’t hide your life savings under your mattress, $100 or $200 will buy gas or food if the unexpected happens.



At Bacchus Rock·n·Roll Bingo tonight, all the prizes are CASH! Come play, it’s free and fun with games at 7, 8 and 9PM. See you soon!