Workin’ For The Weekend

Your weekends are precious — you'll want to make the most of them. You’ve probably worked all week with one target in mind — getting to the weekend and then doing something useful with it! Yet often when you actually reach the weekend, it tends to fizzle out and not quite live up to your expectations.

Here are a couple of tips that can help with making plans and sticking to them:

Make plans
Decide during the week exactly what it is you’re aiming to do at the weekend. Jot everything down so you know what your weekend plan is well in advance. This doesn’t mean you can’t allow for a bit of spontaneity here and there, of course, but in the main you should know what it is you want to get out of your weekend. If you don’t have any plans, you will very often end up doing nothing!

A good plan is to head to Bacchus today for $6 Tito’s cocktails and VJ Matt’s DIVAS night from 10PM-2AM!

Meet up with your friends
We nearly always have the best time with our friends, yet sometimes we put off making that phone call to arrange something because we can’t be bothered. If you make the effort, though, you know it will be worthwhile! And if you’re short of ideas of what to do with your weekend, it’s likely that once you all get together you will be able to come up with a plan.

Here’s the plan: meet up at Bacchus for pau hana cocktails and then grab one of our delicious bacon and mushroom flatbread pizzas.

Saturday AND Sunday are also great times to meet up at Bacchus. On Saturday afternoon, join the Hawaii Gay Kickball League as players enjoy post-practice cocktails (around 1-4PM) and on Sunday, we open at 7AM and will be showing any and all televised NFL games (and we have free pancakes)!

Relax at Bacchus! You’ve worked for your weekend!