You Are What You Drink?

You’ve probably heard the phrase “you are what you eat.” What may be more interesting is:

You are what you drink.

Indeed, your choice of drinks, especially alcohol-based ones, is more telling than your favorite dishes. Here’s why:

  • alcohol’s relaxing effect activates your true inner nature.

  • your choice of beverage is part of your lifestyle, which represents aspects of your personality.


Your drink may be telling us something….

Going out on a date? Choosing a certain beverage could unwillingly tell your partner more about yourself than you intended. You may want to leave some of your secrets veiled. Fortunately, psychologists know the secret language of drinks and can reveal what your ordered drink says about you.

You can say that wine is a rather simple choice, but don’t rush to conclusions. Wine is one of the most sophisticated products. It is strongly associated with everlasting wisdom, romance, tenderness, and love. These associations unwillingly come to the mind of any person.

Bacchus offers a handful of wine options, white and red.

The Classic Martini
Classic gin martini drinkers are born traditionalists. They don’t really like it when people order dirty martinis, except that the people who do are usually lots of fun at parties. Gin martini drinkers know how to hold their liquor, and approach drinking as refined aficionados. Classic gin martini drinkers are also quite mysterious, intellectual, and have a way of capturing your attention.

Bacchus Martinis are most delicious and refreshing at sunset.

The Dark and Stormy
When you need a burst of energy, order a Dark and Stormy. This rum-based cocktail is incredibly refreshing. It also speaks loudly about who you are—you love fun, perceive life with ease and are the heart of any company. So by ordering a Dark and Stormy, you show that a life with you will not be boring.

Bacchus offers a 2-4-1 cocktail special from noon until last call every Wednesday.

The man who orders Scotch is a man who doesn’t want to be disturbed in his rumination of all things manly. He probably reads real books (not e-books) at home, spends lots of time alone and smokes a pipe and chops firewood to relax. By ordering a Scotch, it indicates that you may be angling for an extroverted fellow who’s looking to open you up.

Bacchus has a big selection of Scotches and Whiskeys.

Vodka Soda
Vodka and soda drinkers land in two classes: those who love good vodka and those who’ve heard the drink has 96 calories, is gluten free, contains no sugar, and a bunch of other things that aren’t great conversation at happy hour. These people have had countless adventurous experiences they’ll tell you all about or will tell you all about when you ask them.

Bacchus has more than 15 flavors of vodka. Our Wednesday special includes $2 off call drinks.

Come on by Bacchus today for whatever beverage you choose. Choose wisely. Well drinks are 2-4-1, call drinks are $2 off.