Refreshing And Casual Sipping

It’s Thursday at Bacchus and what’s gonna cross your lips today? Will it be a $5 shot of any one of our 12 tequila selections? Will it be a delicious flatbread pizza or gourmet sandwich? How about the word “BINGO” when you’re one of the 9 winners at tonight’s Rock·n·Roll competition….or maybe it will be our new saison…

A saison (pronounced “say-zonn”) is a kind of beer that’s brewed using ingredients from a local harvest, mostly in a not-so-trivial, but creative way. Ask any number of brewers to define saison as a beer style, and you may never get the same answer twice. Ultimately, no two saisons are the same.


Honolulu Beer Works Pia Maha‘ai
A light saison, this beautiful beer practically glows in the glass, with a thin halo of foam on top and an iridescent blonde color below. HBW calls it a honey citrus and it is 5.6% abv.

The aroma is lovely, both fruity and light, with peach juice, pear and the whole suite of flavors familiar from Belgian Golden Ales. There's also the suggestion of booziness. The flavor confirms this, heady and a little hot at first, but the palate clears out by end of the taste. It's lighter bodied and full of citrus, with pineapple and orange leading the way, and then bringing hints of guava.

A refreshing and casual sipping beer.


$7 pint

Honolulu Beer Works Pia Maha’ai

Try one today. Let any and all of our suggestions (for Thursday refreshment and more) pass your lips!