Bubbles Are Better!

Tonight: DJ Takai spins at Bacchus from 10PM until closing. There's never a cover and it's always fun! Tomorrow we open at 7AM for your Sunday NFL games (we've got 'em all). At 1PM, the HIGFFL Beer Bust kicks off. Enjoy your weekend at Bacchus!

It’s no coincidence that the popping of Champagne corks is synonymous with having fun – our bodies are hardwired to love bubbles.

A little history about bubbles: 17th century winemakers in the Champagne region of France, among them Benedictine monk, Dom Pérignon, were trying to get rid of the bubbles in their wine. One of the reasons was that as the wine fermented it released carbon dioxide gas which, when trapped in the fragile bottles of the time, caused them to explode.

Ironically, it was the British who developed a taste for the French bubbly wine, establishing a market for the sparkling version of Champagne. The British fascination with effervescent drinks also led to the breakthrough that would become the basis for most of today’s soft drinks. Contrary to what many people assume it was an Englishman, not an American, who first discovered how to infuse water with carbon dioxide to make carbonated water.


In 1767, over 100 years before Coca Cola, Joseph Priestly, suspended a bowl of water over a beer vat. He found that the carbonated or soda water had a pleasant taste and gave to his friends for refreshment.



$6 - every Saturday at Bacchus

Over the next few years various people experimented with different ways to make carbonated water, among them was Johann Jacob Schweppe. He started the Schweppes Company in Geneva in 1783, later moving to London in 1792. His drinks gained popularity among the trivial bubble-obsessed Brits and in 1843 became the official supplier to the Royal Family.

Which brings us to today where bubbles are everywhere — in champagne, beer, colas, sodas and seltzers! Enjoy your favorite carbonated beverage at Bacchus any day. Our Saturday drink special is $6 Jack Daniels (enjoy with Coca Cola) and…

we’ve just introduced TRULY Hard Seltzer tropical flavors to our menu; they’re just 100 calories in a can and they’re delicious and refreshing. Come on by for some bubbles!