Sundays are FUN days, and Mondays can be a chore. Come to Bacchus anytime today and you’ll relax when you walk through the door! Margaritas 4 bucks, and Stage & Screen Night. Drink, play and sing with us to make your Monday bright!

It’s the first day of fall. Actually, for trivia buffs: In 2019, the autumnal equinox occurs on Monday, September 23 at 07:50 UTC. And 7:50 UTC is actually 9:50PM the night before…therefore, fall began in Hawaii on Sunday night 9/22. The word “equinox” comes from Latin aequus, meaning “equal,” and nox, “night.” On the equinox, day and night are roughly equal in terms of length. You might want to know that, too for the next Trivia Night!

Speaking of Trivia Night - we’ve moved the next scheduled competition up one week—the next Bacchus Trivia Night is 9/30. The theme is Foreign Affairs.

Photo Gallery from the 9/22 HIGFFL Beer Bust Fundraiser. Click image to enlarge.

Bacchus is a proud supporter of the HIGFFL and Honolulu Riptide. We’ve been there from the start! We wish the teams good fortune at Gay Bowl XIX in NYC and look forward to the coming year filled with joy, fun, laughter and fundraising for Gay Bowl XX in HNL! :-)

Come to Bacchus today for $4 margaritas and Stage & Screen Night starting at 7PM. Stay for the booze, music, delicious pizzas and sandwiches. You’ll have fun!